Not fun. An unavoidable part of assembly is the crashing. Some minor glitch in the program, a logic error, whatever...the end result is the same: ka-boom!

Panic Level Try This
1 Press [ON].
2 Open the battery case, take a battery, and swivel it on the springy terminal.
3 Take out all four batteries and re-insert them.
4 Take out all four batteries and the lithium backup—you'll need a small phillips-head screwdriver (the screw is pretty dang long).
5 Take out everything and let the calculator sit on its face for a couple hours to let the power drain out.
6 Get the reciept and take the calculator back to the store. If they refuse to exchange, make the best of a bad situation and get a TI-86 or 89 this time. Oh, and instead of just throwing the thing away, position it on the sidewalk, and have it and a baseball bat repeatedly attempt to occupy the same co-ordinates in space-time. The spritzing LCD oil does wonders for that ancient bloodlust.

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